Family Law  

Family Law can be emotional and needs a great deal of experience, empathy and understanding. Simple settlements are rare and attention to detail is critical for a favourable outcome – particularly when businesses, trusts, real estate, superannuation and other investments are involved.

  • Divorce and property settlements
  • Defacto settlements
  • Pre-nuptial and co-habitation agreements
  • Child support trusts
  • Asset restructure

Wills, Estate Planning and Deceased Estate Administration

Wills can be simple or complex, depending on asset bases, ownership structure and how assets can best be protected when passed on. It is never too early to have a Will. You must also consider very carefully how to protect family assets in a world where co-habitation arrangements (e.g. who your son or daughter is living with) may be short-lived. Careful planning now and the establishment of a robust Will is the key to avoiding future heartache and further legal problems. As always, experience is critical. At Bramich Legal, we don’t complicate things for the sake of it. Desirable long term outcome remains our goal.

  • Estate Planning
  • Wills
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Deceased Estate Administration
  • Estate Dispute Litigation
  • Powers of Attorney – Medical and Financial.

Conveyancing and Property Law

Conveyancing is often mistaken as a clerical task. Real expertise is required if mistakes and delays are to be avoided. Similarly, with all contracts related to building and construction, it is vital to cover off many ‘small extras’ to avoid future potential problems. Sticking to the ‘minimum basics’ can present you with a very costly and time-consuming experience later down the track.

  • Residential and Commercial property sales and purchases
  • Off-the-plan purchases
  • Property development contracts in commercial, industrial and domestic areas
  • Retail and Commercial Leases
  • Trusts and syndication
  • Construction and building contracts

Commercial and Business Law

While Bramich Legal is a ‘suburban’ practice, it has the skills and expertise to match the CBD practices. Three decades of experience and keeping abreast of recent commercial and business law developments places us in good stead to look after your requirements. We take instructions in complex commercial matters and also the more straightforward issues frequently encountered by small businesses and partnerships.

Commercial Litigation and Disputes

  • Litigation between partners
  • Disputes arising from Contracts or Trusts
  • Litigation between shareholders
  • Litigation between Directors


  • Property Leases – Commercial and Retail
  • Industrial Equipment Leases
  • Lease dispute advice


  • Purchase/sale of business
  • Shareholder, Partnership, Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance Contracts
  • General Commercial and Sales Contracts
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Commercial Negotiations
  • Infringement Advice


  • Advice on franchise contracts (for both franchisor and franchisee)
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Trade marks, patents and copyright protection
  • Related leasing and licensing agreements

Corporate Governance

  • Advice on Directors’ Obligations
  • Establishment and Incorporation of Companies
  • Issue of shares (for private companies)
  • Appointment/Resignation of Directors
  • Advice on Corporations Act and ASIC compliance

Trade Practices

  • Advice on Trade Practices Act and Compliance
  • Business and Operating Entity Structure
  • Product and Service Liability

Criminal Law and Police Matters

Prosecutions issued by the Police can be stressful. Our role in these matters is to immediately put your mind to rest and give you expert advice in relation to your options and the range of penalties and results you can expect. We can appear on your behalf on a plea of guilty and seek the minimum penalty, or with your instructions we can defend matters and brief counsel who are experts in complex criminal matters.

  • Magistrates Court, County Court and Supreme Court proceedings
  • Appearances at plea hearings
  • Defending Crown and Police actions
  • Appearances at directions hearings, committal hearings and final trial dates